Paul Berube

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I wanted to send a quick note to relay how pleased my wife Rene and I are with our listing agent Joyce Surbaugh.  Since I live in Florida, I never once met Joyce in person but I got a good feeling of her over the phone.
When I first spoke to Joyce about selling my land and house in West Virginia she quickly came up with a marketing strategy that complimented the unique characteristics of the house.  Part of the strategy was marketing the house as a “Folk Victorian” , a brilliant tactic that Joyce came up with to help find the right buyer.  Further, Joyce spent a lot of time getting to know the property.  She visited several times, walked a good portion of the property and then wrote about some of the unique features she found.  Joyce also listed the property on more than just the company website and placed it on some sort of ranch and farm website.

I am the owner of one of America’s top rated boat dealerships and am also a licensed yacht broker, a business not unlike real-estate.  I sell new, used, consignment and brokerage boats of all types and sizes.  Joyce worked as hard and as adeptly as I would like my best sales persons to work.  Most important, she didn’t forget what I suppose are the fundamentals in real estate sales.  Know the property, know the buyer-type, have a strategy.

Joyce not only helped get the property sold, but in my opinion, helped me obtain a higher selling price.  So in summary, she earned her commission and therefore I pay it gladly.  

Paul Berube – Boaters Exchange
New Smyrna Beach Florida