Sequoia Baioni

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If you need help finding the house of your dreams, Joyce Surbaugh is the person to call.  We were fortunate enough to get to know Joyce, as she helped us navigate an area that was new to us. We were coming from out of state to look at a property, so we were really relying on her expertise. From the start, Joyce was quick to answer questions and offer support, and she even suggested places in the area for us to stay during our visit.  What I really appreciated about Joyce during the time we spent together, was the kindness she showed all of us, including my two children. By the end of our time together, we felt as if we had been friends with Joyce and her husband for ages. 

Joyce is amazingly knowledgeable about what’s available in the area and she works hard to find you the exact right fit.  She will go above and beyond to work with you, provide you with needed information, and take you  to see homes, all with warmth, friendliness, and  true kindness. My family and I wholeheartedly recommend Joyce for your any and all of your real estate needs.